The Registro Storico Michelotti -RSM- was founded in september 1989, in occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the activity of the Studio Tecnico Carrozzeria G. Michelotti.

At thet time Giovanni Michelotti, was died from 10 years but people still reminds his cleverness of designer, seriuos and fair.

His son Edgardo succeeded his father in business after have worked with him in the Company for ten year, and start to catalogue the archive of drawings and pictures of 35 years of work: he's also going to find the most number of cars -and their enthusiatic owner- his father designed.

Infact Giovanni Michelotti signed more than 1200 projects of running cars (productions or prototypes) during his career.

Edgardo Michelotti took the opportunity of the Modena Classic Car Show in september 1989 to found the RSM and to organize the first Michelotti Car Meeting. There were eight beautifull cars shown in the Michelotti Stand and, it was a very interesting Congress with the attendance of many friend of him talking about the relationships they had with Giovanni Michelotti in the past years. In a beautifull hall of Piazza Grande in Modena, there were shown also many drawings, full scale models and cars and reduced scale models belonging to the Michelotti history.


In october 1990 the RSM organize the second Michelotti Car Meeting, in Torino. More cars attended to the event and the enthusiastic owner spent two anjoing days.


The Michelotti Register offers to theirs subscribers a number of registration printen on the metal plate, the carnet RSM where each owners record the story of his car, and a small gadget.

During this period of time, still carry on the work of the organization of the historical archive Michelotti, which has more than 5000 original drawings, thousand od pictures, slides and documents.

In the 2000 we have commemorated the 20th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Michelotti: for this event Edgardo decided to remind the storical image of his father and, by Internet, wish to offer such remember to the enthusiastic.

The 2001 is the eigthieth anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Michelotti, therefore Edgardo has founded the Association Registro Storico Michelotti with some friends. This organization has not for the sake of gain, will operate to catalogate the cars styled from the designer and organize car meeting and cultural events. The first has been the Third Michelotti Car Meeting of the 6/7 october 2001.

The Association Michelotti  Car Register address:
         Via Lussimpiccolo, 20a 10141 Torino Italia   fax 0113727139 - email :