The story of Giovanni Michelotti begins in 1936 to Stabilimenti Farina in Torino: he was fifteen, very young to start to design cars.

During his career he signed more than 1200 projects of cars build almost in one unit: unique in the world. He's the "father" of the first Ferrari of the begining of years '50, of the Triumph, BMW, Alpine Renault A110, DAf... In the Torino Motor Show of the 1954 more than40 cars exibited were new entry signed by him. He was pioneer in Japan. He refused the direction of the "Design Center" GM in Detroit to be indipent. The italian car magazine "Quattroruote" made him in 1977 an interview: he wished to title it " A free pencil".

«The camel is an horse made by the designer, after a meeting of the board of direction» he use to say to underline his ideas. He use to spend day and night working with his staff, enjoying such time. The models they used to draw were called with female names, except fot the most used, which was called "Zaza". They use to work also on sunday but, sometimes in the afternoon, he took all the staff to watch the match of football of ...Torino team of course. Then they back again in the studio to carry on the work: always with an enthusiastic friendness. When a prototype was completed, its delivery generate a strong emotion, similar to the birth of a son. Then all the staff spent a day to a simple restaurant to celebrate the successful.

The writer of these few words is his son Edgardo, who was near him for the last ten years of his life and that, after so much time, still learns his teaching.

How many wish to continue to write......!


Edgardo Michelotti