The Association Registro Storico Michelotti was born officiously in the spring of 2001 among a group of enthusuatics of the style of Giovanni Michelotti. This group of big Friends is full of passion, competence and profession and with the support of Edgardo Michelotti -who was the first to push the Association- and with his rich archive od documents, has as first target to take a census of the most number of Michelotti car still existing all over the world, organize cultural activitties concerniing the Michelotti car , promote Michelotti car meetings and diffuse the cultural cooperation about Micheloti story.

The Association officially born in july 2001, is open to entry to everybody owns a Michelotti car, made between 1937 to 1979.
A Technical Commitee will examine first the car (if Michelotti design) then the requirement of the owner to became members of the Association. The conditions of the car (restored or not) are not important in order to register the car: the owner must be on age, has to be free from criminal outstanding in his State and has to accept the Statute of the Association.

The third Michelotti car meeting has just been end in Torino the 6/7 october last (in the occasion of the anniversary of the birthday of Giovanni Michelotti), and the comittee is already working to the nex one and to organize a beautiful drawing exibition..

During the last months many Car magazines wrote about our activity. Visit the page Present press report.

The application for become merbers of the Association
Date, city

To Associazione Registro Storico Michelotti
Via Lussimpiccolo 20/a


Family name_________________
date of birth_________
asks to become member of the Association Registro Storico Michelotti, from the 2002.
I declare ton be free from criminal prosecution and to accept the regulation of the Association and the decisions of its deliberative assembly.
Moreover declare to be owner of a car model________________________________
designed by Giovanni Michelotti and to have registered it to the numbre_____.


The head quarter of the Association  Registro Storico Michelotti
Via Lussimpiccolo, 20a 10141 Torino Italia fax 0113827139 - email :